Annual Uniform Survey – PLEASE RESPOND by Friday, May 31

Curley K-8 SPC

Dear Curley Parents, Guardians & Staff,

Each year, our school must decide whether to continue our uniform policy for the next year.  Please share your input by Friday, May 31 via this quick online survey.

ONE RESPONSE PER FAMILY: this survey will also be conducted by an automatic telephone call AND will be sent home in paper form. Each family or staff member may vote ONE TIME:  online OR by phone OR by paper.  Please do not vote more than once and please do not vote if you are not a Curley parent, guardian, teacher, or administrator.

The proposed Curley uniform will consist of the following:

Navy, black, or khaki bottoms (pants, shorts, skirt, or jumper); and

Black Curley t-shirts or collared shirts (light blue, plain white, or white with Curley logo)

Thank you!

Curley School Site Council


  1. Michael Choi says:

    please keep the uniform policy.



  2. tracy steeves says:

    I vote NO UNIFORM. The uniform policy at the Curley is absurd for the reasons that it is not enforced and it is too broad! My other children go to a charter school with a strict uniform policy that is highly enforced. There are no options : khaki pants & white or maroon shirts- that’s it, no discussion! The Curley’s loosey goose attitude just makes it harder for us, the kids and parents who do adhere to the uniform policy.

    1. Carrie Fletcher says:

      Thanks for your comments. To actually have your vote registered, you need to click the link in the story and answer the survey. Opinions shared in the comments won’t count as actual votes.


  3. tracy steeves says:

    no uniforms

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