Curley Sole Train Runners Gear Up For Tomorrow’s Half Marathon and 5 Mile Races

Heshan Berents-Weeramuni

Ms. Alissa Ferro, with four of her 6th grade homeroom students. All are members of the Curley's Sole Train Running Club.

“We’ve worked really, really hard training together, and our last race was so much fun,” shared Nathan Power, a 6th grader in Ms. Beaudrault’s homeroom. “So I’m really looking forward to running in a big group with everyone else tomorrow.”

By “tomorrow,” Nathan means gathering at 6:00 in the morning to get ready to run the 7 a.m. Race To Remember through downtown Boston and Cambridge.

By “in a big group,” he means the Curley’s wildy enthusiastic Sole Train running group made up of 6th, 7th and 8th graders, teachers, staff, and parents who’ve all been bitten by the running bug.

Training every Monday and Wednesday after school since October of 2012, the Curley Sole Train, is organized by Sole Train, a free Boston running based mentoring program organized by the Trinity Boston Foundation. The Curley is lucky to call upon the coaching expertise of Sole Train’s Jess Leffler and Katherine Castañeda Macdonald. Founded in 2009, Sole Train: Boston Runs Together, aims “to inspire the city’s youth to realize their full potential and accomplish goals they never thought possible.”

Tomorrow, the Curley’ team of 6th, 7th and 8th graders will be joined by teachers and staff including Alissa Ferro (pictured above), Maria Monteiro-Roby, Erika Mercado, and Tim Smith. Many will aim to complete the 5 mile race course. Starting at 7 a.m., Alissa Ferro expected the Curley runners to cross the finish line around 8 a.m. to 9:30 am. Starting at the World Trade Center, the runners will run through the waterfront to Government Center, then on to the foot of the Longfellow Bridge before heading through the Common and Public Garden, then track back to Post Office Square and back to the finish line on the waterfront. Wow!

Others Curley runners, including Ms. Ferro, will join some students in running even longer. They include Brandon Desilva and Naim Laird, who will take on the longer 13.1 half marathon course. Starting again at the World Trade Center, they too will head through Government Center to the Longfellow. They will then run over the bridge and continue on Memorial Drive, past MIT and will only make the turn back home at Harvard University. Heading back again, they will rejoin the 5 mile course at the foot of the Longfellow and retrace the rest of the course back to the World Trade Center. Again, wow! If you are not familiar with the course because you don’t often drive through the calm and courteous streets of Boston and Cambridge, here’s the course map.

Alissa Ferro also echoes Nathan’s sense of the camaraderie of the group. “We wore our Sole Train shirts to school yesterday as a team pride celebration before the big race Sunday.” Looking forward to tomorrow, she notes,” We are pumped for our big race… I just hope I can actually make it 13 miles!”

Curley Sole Train’s first race together was the Common Man Marathon at the end of April on the Boston Common, a race that takes it’s name from the witty placement of the decimal point. Not 26.2 miles which is the distance of a normal marathon (if the word “normal” is even appropriate given the task), but a more, erm, “common” 2.62 miles.

Reporting on the race, the Boston Globe featured many members of the Curley Sole Train (beware, you may hit the Globe’s paywall if you click on the link). You’ll know you’ve made it to the Globe when you see Lance Laird (looking rather spritely), Charlie Harper, Theresa Brennan, and Daquan Cater at full stretch nearing the finish line.

Oh, and Brandon Desilva, who along with Naim will be running the half marathon tomorrow? He finished 3rd in the Common Man. It was his first race.

Good luck to all the runners tomorrow, and congratulations on all the hard work this year. If you want to join in on the fun Nathan and his team has been having, contact coach Alissa Ferro.