Show your Curley Pride – this Saturday 5/18

Julie Smith-Bartoloni

Come rally at the Curley at 2:00 pm on Saturday, May 18 (main entrance) for the official launch of our Playing Field Capital Campaign!

Plus, join over 100 volunteers from Boston Cares and other Curley families from 10:00am-2:00pm at our semi-annual Curley K-8 community clean-up to make our school shine! We’ll be gardening, painting, raking, planting, building benches and more. All ages welcome. Come for a little or a lot. Bring your gardening gloves and good humor to lend a hand in making a visible difference.


The Community Initiatives Committee is comprised of parents, teachers and community organizations. The Committee organizes a community clean-up of the schoolyard each semester and undertakes general improvement projects both outside and inside the school. Together with Earthworks, we steward our orchard on Centre Street with the aim of maintaining, harvesting, preserving and donating the fruit of our labor. For the past three Januarys, the Curley has hosted Boston Cares’ day of service in which more than 600 volunteers chose to take “a day on” rather than a day off.

In 2008, the Curley K-8 was the recipient of a $300,000 grant from the Boston Schoolyard Initiative (BSI) to design and build an improved schoolyard and an outdoor classroom for all our students! The ribbon cutting ceremony took place on October 8, 2009, opening the schoolyard after Phase 1 of the project was completed. A new mural was completed in Summer 2010 in conjunction with Mayor Menino’s mural crew. We are currently fundraising in order to bring Phase 2 of the project to a successful conclusion (namely, a gateway seating area at the Centre Street entrance and a playing field with perimeter track behind the school.) At 2:00 pm on Saturday, May 18, we will celebrate the successful beginning of our $250,000 Capital Campaign and spread the word to the community at large. Read more online.

To get involved or to join the Community Initiatives team as a volunteer, community partner or funder, please contact Principal Mirna Vega-Wilson, Guidance Counselor Susan Trotz, or any of the following Curley parents: Doug Rand, Kieran Fitzgerald (Playing Field Co-Chairs), Julie Smith-Bartoloni, Liza Stearns, Rebecca Nieto, Genevieve Day, Susan Elsbree, Heshan Berents-Weeramuni, Flo Zimmerman (orchard) or Asa Runefelt (outdoor classroom).