Curley 2nd Graders and K1ers Raise Funds to Support our Playing Field Campaign

Heshan Berents-Weeramuni

There is a lot of excitement about the proposed new playing field at the Curley K-8, and all the students are looking forward to spending more time outside.

Earlier this school year, two Curley second graders – Ella and Ellie – spent their weekend selling crafts and collecting donations to benefit the playing field campaign. Their younger sisters Katie and Audrey, both K1 students at the Curley this year, brought their enthusiasm to the cause, as well.

Ella and Ellie

By selling the craft treasures they had made over the course of the summer, and by spreading the word about the Curley’s urgent need for improved access to outdoor recreation and exercise on the school’s grounds, they received an overwhelmingly positive response. Our community is ready to support this project if we can really get the word out. By the end, the girls not only managed to raise $50, one of their donors also turned out to be major foundation contact!

Audrey and Katie

Please join us in our efforts to help Ella, Ellie, Katie, Audrey, and more than 900 other students at the Curley K-8 realize the potential of the space we have!

See the playing field campaign web site for more information on how you can pitch in.