Noreen Power

Now in our fifth year at the Curley, Tenacity offers a unique experience for middle school students in our free after-school program. With a combination of tennis, academic, and ‘life skills’ lessons, students receive support and coaching to help build skills and confidence in many areas of their lives.
Here are some highlights about what Tenacity offers for Curley students, starting in their 6th grade year:

Literacy/Academic support

Students have 25 minutes each day in Tenacity to work on their homework and receive help from staff. The rest of time in literacy is spent developing reading, writing, and study skills through a wide range of engaging activities that build upon topics from their ELA classes.
A key theme in our life skills lessons for the 2017-18 year is social justice, where students will learn more about becoming advocates for equality in our society and communities.
In our weekly ‘Journal Buddies’, students write back and forth with a staff member, building writing skills and confidence while also getting to know their mentors better through their writing.
Another highlight of each year is the ‘Book Club’ unit during the winter, where students work in small groups to read and study a book that they choose, ending in a final project right before April vacation.


Students come to tennis practice every day excited to continue learning the game and pushing themselves to improve. Most of our players have never played tennis before joining the program, but with supportive teammates and a strong coaching staff, our new players quickly improve.
Whether playing for fun, for exercise, or entering tournaments and competitions, all students are able to improve and challenge themselves every day in Tenacity. By the end of 8th grade, many have found a sport that they want to continue playing for life.
Over the past few years, Curley’s tennis teams have achieved a lot of success in competitions against other Tenacity schools. Curley is the defending champion in Tenacity’s end of year ‘Crane Cup’ and ‘Staniar Open’ tournaments, and we hope to keep this tradition going!

High School Selection

In their 8th grade year, students receive support during the process of deciding which high school to attend after leaving the Curley. During Tenacity, our 8th graders work on essay writing, filling out high school applications, and learning more about their different options. Tenacity also holds two parent workshops in the fall so that families can make a decision for high school based on the ‘best fit’.

**Tenacity currently has available spots for 6th grade students at the Curley. Please contact Payne Schanski for more information (phone: 231-881-0633, email: payneschanski@tenacity.org)**