Library Committee Information & Goals

The Library Committee at The Curley K-8 School is supported by Boston Public School’s Library and Media Services Department. Debbie Froggat, Director of Library Services, along with our principal, Katherine Grassa, direct the committee’s work. The committee is made up of both teachers and parents. The committee is led by Curley parents Ashley Rao and Pam Yosca. Please email if you would like to join us.

The committee’s goal: Create an effective modern library to serve the 950+ Curley students in grades K0-8

Our work to complete this goal is divided into three areas:

1) Facility Improvements
The committee will:
-renovate the upper school library: paint; freshen existing furniture; install carpet tiles
-purchase new bookshelves, book carts, circulation desk and other essential furnishings

2) Collection Development
The committee will:
-weed (remove) outdated, damaged, or worn materials from the library’s collection
-re-organize remaining books and resources into a logical layout for students spanning grades K0-8
-enter all books and resources on LibraryWorld automation software, to allow for online access to our library catalog, and electronic circulation to all library patrons
-purchase new books, focusing on high quality materials published since the libraries closed in 2012
-provide access to online research tools and resources
-purchase appropriate technology to support online research (Chromebooks, Smartboard, projector, etc.)

All new materials purchased for the library (books, encyclopedias, magazines, online tools) will comply with the BPS School Library Media Selection Policy

3) Fundraising
The committee seeks to secure funds to achieve the above goals through a combination of grants and fundraising campaigns. Progress as of January 6, 2017:
-$5000 grant from the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Grants for physical plant renovations
-$4000 in donations to the library
-$28,000 (and counting!) raised from the December 2016 Curley K-8 Library and Technology Initiative

The Library Committee will seek out additional sources of funding this spring.

BPS Library Services

To learn more about libraries in Boston Public Schools, please visit the Library & Media Services website, maintained by Debbie Froggat, Director.

In September 2016, the Boston Public School Committee unanimously approved the 2017-2021 Boston Public School Library Services Strategic Plan. This important document lays the groundwork for the return of libraries to all schools in the district by 2021. The Curley Library is mentioned on pages 22 and 27.