Curley Before/After-School Program (CASP)

Katie Grassa, Principal
Erika Mercado, Director
Princess Ortega, Assistant Director

About Our Program

Since 2010 CASP has provided many opportunities for our Curley students and families. Our mission is to provide enrichment and academic opportunities for the entire Curley community. In CASP, we believe each child counts. We have a diverse population of students from K1 to Grade 8 who attend CASP daily. We provide a healthy meal each day to our students. The participation from our own Curley community has been phenomenal. Our own teachers teach instruction to our students in many categories, such as dance, music, art, science, sports, martial arts, recreation, home economics, and various languages. We are very fortunate to have community organizations and universities come into our after school program who are passionate about teaching our children.

Clearly, the more we can expose our children to interesting and exciting enrichment activities, the better. It is critical to build that interest and excitement at a young age.

Applications and Tuition Information For After School Program

CASP will have 2 components, Lower/Elementary CASP and Upper/Middle CASP during the 2017/18 school year. The program begins on the first day of school Thu 9/7/17 and runs from 3:10 pm until 6:00 pm:

If you have questions, please contact our Director, Erika Mercado, at or (857) 222-0756. Para english y espanol.

Do you need a Before School Program?

The Curley After School Program (CASP) is offering a before school program for Curley students in grades K-8. The cost of the program is $8 per day per student. There is a registration fee of $25.

The program’s hours are 7:00am to 8:15am Monday through Friday beginning on the first day of school; Thursday 9/7/17. Activities include reading, homework, and sports. A daily drop in service is available for your convenience at a cost of $8 per day, per child. Payments can be made in advance. If you think that this program is something that you are interested in please fill out the form below:

For your convenience, the application is also available in the upper and lower school main offices.

El programa de horario despues de horas de la escuela Curley (CASP) esta considerando ofrecer un programa antes de las horas de escuela para los estudiantes de
grados k-8 de la escuela Curley. El costo del programa es de $8.00 por dia. El horario del programa es de 7:00 a.m. a 8:15 a.m. de Lunes a Viernes. Las actividades
incluidas en el mismo son artes manuales, rompe cabezas, trabajos en hojas sueltas y lectura Deportes.

Los pagos necesitan hacerse mensualmente antes de que el mes comienze. Si usted cree estar interesado/a en este programa, favor de completer esta forma:

CASP Overview

The Curley After School Program, located in the Curley K-8 School in Jamaica Plain, is a full service after school program currently serving the needs of over 200 students.
Our after school program runs from 3:10pm – 6:00pm Monday thru Friday during the regular school year. Our schedule includes four 45-minute blocks per day for each grade. We
provide academic support through homework help and one on one tutoring, as well as a number of enrichment activities, which will be detailed below. We
are currently serving students in Grades K1-Grade 8.

A typical day for our students

  • Students are escorted from their classrooms to a designated meeting point within the building where they are met by afterschool program staff.
  • A wholesome meal consisting of fruit juice, a sandwich, and a variety of crackers, yogurt, cheese sticks, and fruit cups are provided to students. Children are allowed time to consume their snack and socialize appropriately before the homework segment of the program begins.
  • There is at least 45 minutes dedicated to homework each day. During this time, students may seek assistance from their peers and their after school instructor.
  • After the homework session has passed, students are moved into structured classes. Classes for activities and enrichment are offered on different days so students may participate in more than one activity.

Our Activities Menu

Some of our activities are:
Each student in grades K1-grade 5 participates in 45 minutes of dance instruction each day, Monday thru Friday. Movement Education is an integral part of students learning. Students participate in dance, games, and gymnastics while learning about other subjects, as it is an integrated curriculum. The children learn through the kinesthetic domain. They will learn to appreciate physical activity as they build self-esteem by working in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Movement Education will provide opportunities for all children to succeed as they learn about themselves and other students as movers, and become more versatile and skillful dancers. This class is taught by a well known Professional Dancer, Mr. Hill.

Sports/Recreational Activities
Each student in grades K-grade 5 participates for 45 minutes in recreational activities each day. Sports programs and outdoor recreation will include football, basketball, soccer, tennis, archery, and more. Each student will demonstrate an understanding of fair play, following rules and teamwork during game play and skill activities.

Special Activities
Each student in grades K1-grade 5 participates for 45 minutes in a special activity. Students themselves choose from a list of activities called CASP themes. The activity of choice will be the theme for each particular week. Choices include healthy eating, hygiene, legos, favorite books, movies, arts & crafts, drawing, writing and reading poetry.

Painting Project
Students in grades K1-grade 5 will design and paint a canvas approx. 4’x5’. Students will be guided along the steps of designing preparing canvas and painting of canvas of which image will reflect youth education and recreation. Our own Curley Art Teacher Mr. Santiago, will be painting and providing instruction.

Strong Women, Strong Girls (Northeastern University)
Girls in grades 3- grades 5 will participate in 45 minutes of Strong Women, Strong Girls. The “Fab” Factor, works with girls of all ages and abilities in community based settings. The “Fab” Factor curriculum is designed around four learning modules that include Leadership, Science, Health and Fitness, Financial Literacy and Career Development. Each session will last for 1 hour and is designed to be flexible and adaptable to serve girls of all abilities. This program is sponsored by Boston College.

Students in grades K1-grade 5 will participate in a structured “Yoga Class”. With guidance and technique, structure and discipline, movement can become Art.

Structured Play
All students will be allowed to play on the playground based on flexibility of activities within the program.

Future Inventors, Engineers, and Scientists
This program from Northeastern University will expose youth to the design process through fun, hands on activities to ensure students continue their exploration of science, math, and engineering.

Students in grades 4-5 will learn to play tennis which will encourage positive behavior, and develop physical fitness and tennis skills necessary to be a lifelong player.

Sports, Enrichment, Academics = Sea of Success


Sports programs and outdoor recreation will include football, basketball, soccer, tennis and more.

Sole Train: Boston Runs Together
A program of TrinityBoston Foundation, is a free, non-competitive running and mentoring program for Boston youth. The aim is to inspire the city’s youth to realize their potential and accomplish goals they never thought possible as they train for and complete a half marathon. They focus on building a safe, supportive and inclusive community and encouraging and fostering self-confidence, perserverance, and responsibility by achieving personal and collective goals.

Students in grades 6-8 will be offered a 3 year Middle School Academy (MSA) that includes individualized and small group literacy instruction, tennis instruction, life skills development and family engagement activities.


Curley School Band
Each student in grades 6-8 participates in 45 minutes of band per week. Students may select their instrument of choice to play with approval from parents. Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will be able to participate in CASP with structured guidance from the music instructor.

Students in grades grades 6-8 will participate in a structured “Yoga Class”. With guidance and technique, structure and discipline, movement can become Art.

Martial Arts

Engage Boston


Health and Wellness Team



There is at least 45 minutes dedicated to homework each day. During this time, students may seek assistance from their peers and their after school instructor.

Our activity menu is subject to change based on seasons and availability of instructors and students selected choices of activities provided.

Our Academic and Business Partners

  • Northeastern University, Center for STEM Education
  • Community Music Center of Boston
  • Child Care Center of Boston
  • Tenacity
  • Trinity Boston Foundation
  • Boston College
  • Engage Boston
  • City Year
  • Y.E.S.
  • WOOSEKWAN TAEKWONDO Association inc