School Site Council (SSC)

The School Site Council (SSC) is the central decision making body of the school. Co-chaired by the Principal and a parent co-chair (or co-chairs), the Curley’s SSC formally consists of 7 elected parents who reflect the diversity of our parent community, together with 6 BTU representatives. Alternates are also selected so they may stand in for missing members. All meetings are open to the public. The SSC works closely with the Curley’s School Parent Council (SPC). For more information about the SPC, click here.

Role of the School Site Council

The role of a School Site Council is to serve as the central governing body of the school under the shared decision-making model. Specifically, the role of the Council includes the following:

  • To review and comment on the entire school budget, including the General Fund and External Funds budgets, in a timely fashion. Upon written request, school site council members shall be provided with written or electronic copies of school budgets;
  • To review and approve the Quality School Plan within guidelines established by the Superintendent;
  • To approve the budget for discretionary school materials, supplies, textbooks and equipment, including the use of school improvement award funds;
  • To develop and approve plans for increasing parent involvement in the school;
  • To approve waivers;
  • To review and approve recommendations of the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) and other school subcommittees that will have major effect on the school community.
  • To review and approve recommendations from any other committee or group that is established to recommend changes that will have a major effect on the school community;
  • To participate in hiring through the Personnel Subcommittee made up of the Principal, 2 BTU members, and 2 parents.
  • To receive information about all outside programs or professionals who come into the school.

Please see the Boston Public Schools School Site Council Manual for full details.

Generally, the Curley K-8 SSC meets the second Tuesday of each month from 5:30 pm – 7 pm in the Library. Please consult the calendar or the list below for any exceptions to this general rule.


SSC Meetings

All meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in room 209 (on the CASP door side of the upper school) and are open to the public.

Past Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Select meeting agendas and minutes are posted here. If you are interested in reviewing other minutes or agendas, please contact the SSC Secretary at

SSC members for 2017-2018:

Will be updated following the SPC and Faculty Senate elections.

Principal (Co-Chair): Katie Grassa


  • Co-Chair: Laura Rosenfield
  • Secretary: Aron Boros
  • SSC Liasion: John Bannon
  • Harmony Allison
  • Matt Coser
  • Christina Viola Srivastava
  • Soledad Vera
  • Alternate: Ashley Rao

Teachers and Staff

  • Caridad Lopez
  • Charles Tewksbury
  • Heide A Signes
  • Jenni Craman/li>
  • Lindsey Wright
  • Olivia Peters

Curley SSC Governing Documents